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Occupational impact of internet-delivered cognitive behaviour therapy for depression and anxiety: Reanalysis of data from five Australian randomised controlled trials Mackenzie A, Harvey S, Mewton L, Andrews G Journal paper 2014
Prevention of mental disorders: A new era for workplace mental health Mykletun A, Harvey SB Journal paper 2012
UNSW Workplace Mental Health Research Program Third Year Annual Report Harvey SB Report 2015
Expert Guidelines: Diagnosis and Treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Emergency Service Workers Harvey SB, Devilly GJ, Forbes D, Glozier N, McFarlane A, Phillips J, Sim M, Steel Z, Bryant R Report 2015
The mental health of fire-fighters: An examination of the impact of repeated trauma exposure Harvey SB, Milligan-Saville JS, Paterson HM, Harkness EL, Marsh AM, Dobson M, Kemp R, Bryant RA Journal paper 2016
Supported employment for people with severe mental illness: systematic review and meta-analysis of the international evidence Modini M, Tan L, Brinchmann B, Wang MJ, Killackey E, Glozier N, Mykletun A, Harvey SB Journal paper 2016
Workplace interventions for common mental disorders: a systematic meta-review S. Joyce , M. Modini , H. Christensen, A. Mykletun, R. Bryant, P. B. Mitchell and S. B. Harvey Journal paper 2016
"You feel you've been bad, not ill". Sick doctors' experiences of interactions with the General Medical Council Brooks SK, Del Busso L, Chalder T, Harvey SB, Hatch SL, Hotopf M, Madan I, Henderson M Journal paper 2014
Mentally Healthy Workplaces: An open call for good practice Tan L, Harvey SB Report 2014
Long term sickness absence among patients with chronic fatigue syndrome. British Journal of Psychiatry, 199: 430-431 Knudsen AK, Henderson M, Harvey SB, Chalder C Journal paper 2011