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Measuring how well the NHS looks after its own staff: Methodology of the first national clinical audits of occupational health services in the NHS. Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice, 18: 283-289. Williams S, Rogers C, Peel P, Harvey SB, Henderson M, Madan I, Smedley J, Grant R. Journal paper 2012
Pharmacological treatment approaches to difficult-to-treat depression. MJA Open, 1 suppl 4: 44-47. Chan H-N, Mitchell PB, Loo CK, Harvey SB Journal paper 2012
Personality disorders, common mental disorders and receipt of disability benefits: evidence from the British National Survey of Psychiatric Morbidity. Psychological Medicine, 42(12):2 Knudsen AK, Skogen JC, Harvey SB, Stewart R, Hotopf M, Moran P. Journal paper 2012
Widespread pain and medically certified disability pension in the HUSK study. European Journal of Pain, 16: 611-620. Øverland S, Harvey SB, Knudsen AK, Mykletun A, Hotopf M. Journal paper 2012
Online forum activity: A comparison of chronic fatigue syndrome / myalgic encephalopathy with other disorders: an observational study. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine Short Reports, 3:32. Knudsen AK, Lervik LV, Harvey SB, Løvvik CMS, Omenås AN, Mykletun A. Report 2012
Which patients are seen by an occupational psychiatry service? Occupational Medicine 2013;63:507–509 S. Burman-roy, M. Butterworth, I. Madan, M. Henderson, S. B. Harvey Journal paper 2013
Job Strain, Health and Sickness Absence: Results from the Hordaland Health Study Min-Jung Wang, Arnstein Mykletun, Ellen Ihlen Møyner, Simon Øverland, Max Henderson, Stephen Stansfeld, Matthew Hotopf, Samuel B. Harvey Journal paper 2014
Depression and the older medical patient - When and how to intervene Mitchell PB, Harvey SB Journal paper 2014
Depression and chronic kidney disease: A review for clinicians. Aust N Z J Psychiatry. 2014 Mar 21;48(6):530-541 Bautovich A , Katz I , Smith M, Loo CK, Harvey SB. Journal paper 2014
Does Postponement of First Pregnancy Increase Gender Differences in Sickness Absence? A Register Based Analysis of Norwegian Employees in 1993–2007 Anja M. S. Ariansen, and Arnstein Mykletun Journal paper 2014