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Work and depression/anxiety disorders - a systematic review of reviews Melbourne: Beyondblue Harvey SB, Joyce S, Modini M, Christensen H, Bryant R, Mykletun A, Mitchell P Report 2013
The long term consequences of military deployment: a 5 year cohort study of UK Reservists deployed to Iraq. American Journal of Epidemiology, 176 (12): 1177-1184 Harvey SB, Hatch SL, Jones M, Hull L, Jones N, Greenberg N, Dandeker C, Fear N, Wessely S Journal paper 2012
Life after the Armed Forces: Social networks and the mental health of service leavers in the UK. Sociology of Health and Illness Hatch SL, Harvey SB, Dandeker C, Jones M, Burdett H, Hull L, Greenberg N, Jones N, Fear NT, Wessely S Journal paper 2013
Prevention of mental disorders: a new era for workplace mental health. Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 69: 868-869. Mykleton A, Harvey SB Journal paper 2012
Shame! Self-stigmatisation as an obstacle to sick doctors returning to work: a qualitative study. Henderson M, Brooks SK, del Busso L, Chalder T, Harvey SB, Hotopf M, Madan I, Hatch S Journal paper 2012
Severe mental illness and work: what can we do to maximise the employment opportunities for individuals with psychosis? Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry. 47(5):421-424 Harvey SB, Modini M, Christensen H, Glozier N Journal paper 2013
How should functional somatic syndromes be diagnosed? International Journal of Behavioral Medicine. 20:239-241 Harvey SB, Wessely S Journal paper 2013
Common mental disorders and long-term sickness absence in a general working population. The HUSK study. The HUSK study. Acta Psychiatr Scand. 2013 Apr;127(4) 287-97. Knudsen AK, Harvey SB, Mykletun A, Øverland S Journal paper 2013
Developing a mentally healthy workplace: A review of the literature National Mental Health Commission, Australian Government. Harvey SB, Joyce S, Tan L, Johnson A, Nguyen H, Modini M, Groth M Report 2014
A prospective evaluation of mental health training for occupational health practitioners. Occupational Medicine. 63(3):217-223 Madan I, Henderson M, Hashtroudi A, Hope V, Harvey SB Journal paper 2013