Men@Work Program

Although depression and anxiety disorders tend to be found more commonly amongst women, there is increasing evidence that the true prevalence of these conditions amongst men has been underestimated. More importantly, it has been suggested that when men suffer from depression they often present with atypical symptoms, which may be missed by traditional ways of identifying and diagnosing depression.

In early 2015 we were awarded an Australian Mental Health Award funded by Beyondblue and the Movember Foundation and Beyondblue valued at $2.88 million over 3 years to develop a new program of research titled ‘Men@Work’. This program aims to improve the mental health of Australian men in the workplace and in the general population through the development of new e-health technologies.  Working together with academic partners at the University of Sydney and the Black Dog Institute and industry partners from a range of sectors, including the emergency services, we will develop novel ways for men to use smart phone applications to screen themselves for both mental health symptoms and risk factors.  Based on this information, workers will then be provided with individual feedback regarding their level of risk and a personalised mental health plan, including brief individually tailored e-health interventions.  We will also develop linked, online manager training. We are working closely with a number of emergency services, both within NSW and interstate, to develop and test these new technologies.