Investigating the potential of on line psychological treatments

On line psychological treatments, often termed e-health interventions, may have a number of advantages for emergency workers.  Treatment is able to be provided in a totally confidential manner at a time of the worker’s choosing, allowing people to seek help earlier and undertake treatment will less disruption to their regular activities, including work.  Together with colleagues from the Clinical Research Unit for Anxiety and Depression (CRUfAD) we re-analysed data from five randomised controlled trials of internet cognitive behaviour therapy (iCBT) for depressive and anxiety disorders to test if iCBT generated reductions in absenteeism amongst the employed. After treatment, participants randomised to receive iCBT had significant reductions in absenteeism compared to the waitlist control groups (p<0.05), with those who received iCBT reporting a halving in the number of work days lost.