How does 'work stress' lead to sickness absence?

The Hordaland Health (HUSK) study was a population-based health survey of approximately 29,000 individuals aged 40 to 47, who were residing in the Hordaland county of Norway in the late 1990s. Together with our partners at the University of Bergen and the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, we have been able to link this survey data with official Norwegian records of sickness absence, which allows us to remotely follow up all of the survey participants over time.  Using this unique linked data source, we aimed to investigate whether high job strain at baseline is associated with an increased risk of sickness absence. The results showed that high job strain increases the risk of long-term sickness absence. We also found that the impact of job strain could not be fully explained by impaired health. We expect the results of this study to challenge some of the traditional models of work stress and to highlight the role of non-health factors in predicting sickness absence.   

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