Creating mentally healthy workplaces

The UNSW Workplace Mental Health Research Team was one of the founding members of the Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance, established in late 2012 by the National Mental Health Commission.  The Alliance is a landmark partnership between business, the mental health sector, government and research organisations that aims to bring together the best evidence and key stakeholders to create mentally healthy workplaces.

The inclusion of UNSW's Workplace Mental Health Research Team as a founding member of the Alliance was recognition of our research leadership in this area and provided a rare opportunity to work with other key stakeholders to translate the best available research evidence into 'real world' solutions.   

As part of our work with the Alliance, the UNSW Workplace Mental Health Research Team has written and published a lay summary of the research evidence surrounding the links between work and mental health.  This review, which was produced collaboratively with the UNSW Business School was aimed at employers and sought to provide a practical guide of how organisations can use the available research evidence to provide more mentally healthy workplaces.  The review was publically launched at a meeting of the Trans-Tasman Business Circle and has been cited a number of times in media reports.