Healthy, wealthy and wise

13 May 2013

INTHEBLACK mental health piece on why having a mental health policy is good for business

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Lifting the mood

1 November 2012

Article in Life Plus

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The battle diggers face after war

12 October 2012

Feature article in Medical Search, 12 October 2012

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Should ‘fit notes’ replace ‘sick notes’?

24 September 2012

Absenteeism is an ongoing issue in workplaces across Australia – and in the face of a medical certificate, there’s not much employers can say or do. However, the rise of graded sickness absence certificates, or ‘fit notes’, in the UK and Europe may be about to hit our shores.

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Anxiety and depression increase risk of sick leave

31 July 2012

Long-term sick leave is a burden for individuals and society at large, yet very little is known about the underlying reasons for it. Researchers have identified anxiety as a more important risk factor than previously thought.

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New post to tackle $12 billion health problem

14 March 2012

Common mental disorders, such as depression and anxiety, are now the leading cause of sickness absence and work incapacity in most industrialised countries, costing the Australian economy $12 billion a year, says Dr Sam Harvey, who has been appointed to the first dedicated clinical research post into workplace mental health in an Australian university.

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